Andy Barefoot - Digital Professional

Andy Barefoot

Digital professional with over 15 years experience of programming, management and digital strategy at Condé Nast and adidas.

Personal Projects

Ski VR

Ski VR is a quick VR demo built for Google Cardboard but also playable without a headset.

Slide gracefully down the mountain between trees and alpine chalets in a Virtual Reality winter wonderland.

Ski VR on Google Play.

Color Hex

Color Hex is a mobile puzzle game for Android and iOS built and published uing the Unity platform.

The player must try and match patterns by mixing colours together on a hexagonal grid. As the patterns get more complicated the puzzle becomes more difficult.

There are 2 play modes with a combined total of 222 levels.

Color Hex on Google Play.
Super Color Hex on iTunes.

Super Dice

My first attempt at using the Unity platform to create a mobile game was a mobile version of the dice game Farkle.

Super Dice

All The Sneakers

In-progress search engine of sneakers collating and comparing sneakers from a number of eCommerce sites.

Regularly spiders a number of sites and compares prices where identical sneakers appear on multiple sites.

All The Sneakers


More and more people are posting photos on their social web blogs. But most of them are not very good photographers. Or have poorly made cameras. The colours come out funny, the edges are all crackly and often some of the image is out of focus.

I have developed an app to restore these poor quality photographs: Winstagram!

We can't go on like this

Good old David Cameron. He's so suave yet so caring. he just wants the best for the country. He says so in his lovely new poster campaign (NSFDuring lunch).

Deface David's poster with your own words with "Make your own David Cameron poster".

Go on, have a go. You know you want to. Make it look like he is saying rude words. Hurr hurr hurr!

Malcolm Tucker

Combines the David Cameron poster generator with the foul-mouthed tirades of Malcolm Tucker, sweary spin doctor from The Thick of It.

A random choice of blue bon-mot is substituted every time you click the "Tuckerise" button so click away. However, be warned. He is a very very rude man and if you don't like naughty words you probably won't like this.

Invented by the English

If it was invented, it was probably invented by an Englishman.

A retired blog detailing all the greatest inventions of the English.

Work Highlights

WIRED Germany

I was Product Owner for the digital launch of WIRED magazine in Germany.

WIRED Germany is the first Condé Nast title to have a digital membership model with some content only visible to subscribers.

We launched a responsive website with the emphasis on giving the long form in-depth articles the presentation they deserve.

WIRED Germany

Condé Nast Hackathon

I took part in the first Condé Nast International Hackathon joining with the "F’Nito" team to help them develop their cross-platform content concept.

F'Nito enables the user to read or listen to an article on any of their devices seamlessly switching from text to audio and back and maintaining their place as they switch devices.

F'Nito won the first prize at the hackathon.

Condé Nast Hackathon

As Director Digital Brand Platforms led the implementation of the global redesig for the Global Marketing department.

The site integrates a global CMS that supports each of the local markets as well as the global team.


adidas Go All In

The adidas Go All In platform highlighted the breadth of the adidas brand across all sports as well as the Street and Style side of the business.

I was the adidas person responsible for the technical implementation of the platform and CMS.

The site was launched globally across over 40 markets.

Go All In

Social Feed

17th January 2016

Husky training Day 1 #dogs #dogsofinstagram #mickleovertundra

28th December 2015

5 minutes until the start of The Force Awakens. Derby holds it breath.

1st December 2015

Just look at this service station sandwich! I saw it displayed two weeks ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since... - baked beans! In a sandwich! - lumps of generic meat not even pretending to be sausage or bacon! - unidentified yellow goo! Egg would make more sense with beans and meat but surely it is 'cheese', isn't it? - the artificial looking white bread that has somehow been 'griddled' without any of the inside of the bread getting even slightly toasted. It's a culinary miracle that has got me in its grip and won't let go. I'm still not going to buy the damn thing though.

13th September 2015

Now THAT is how you lick an ice cream. @gunterguntychops #magnum #dogsofinstagram #dog #munich #impressivetonguedexterity

10th September 2015

Labskaus: the most delicious thing to come out of Hamburg since that delicious beef patty thing the name of which I've forgotten...

1st September 2015

Yes, I am a 41 year old man. Yes, I did dress myself. Why do you ask? #holidayshirt